My PM Skincare Routine!

Hi all! Here is a video showing my PM routine! I focus mainly on hydration and moisturisation with some anti-ageing (Excluding retinol atm) In this video, you'll see swatches of the products, my thoughts on why I use these products and what I like and don't like about them! I will upload an updated … Continue reading My PM Skincare Routine!

The Inkey list PR unboxing and Swatches

Hi guys! I uploaded another video on my Youtube channel of a PR unboxing. This time, from the Inkey List! I like the Inkeylist because they're like the ordinary e.g. they KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. I either want my products to be simple i.e. all I am getting is pretty much THE active ingredient OR … Continue reading The Inkey list PR unboxing and Swatches

Review: Neogen Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil

Where to purchase: From Yesstyle HERE Price: £26 Volume: 300ml (It's a big bottle) Made in: South Korea Good for: I would say more oily greasy skins and less drier skins as this may be stripping for very dry skins if you double cleanse especially. What is it?: A Deep clean cleansing oil - the … Continue reading Review: Neogen Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil

Review: Hylamide SubQ Skin

Anti-age was the old name. I'm intruiged to think why they changed the name.... Where to purchase: Available at Look Fantastic: HERE Price: £18 Volume: 30ml Good for: Those who are concerned about ageing skin or need hydration. What it supposedly targets: SURFACE HYDRATIONFINE LINESBELOW-SURFACE HYDRATIONWRINKLESDYNAMIC LINESTEXTURAL IRREGULARITIES MY opinion: I'm intrigued to know why … Continue reading Review: Hylamide SubQ Skin

Review: Laneige Hydro Bank Water Essence

Where to purchase: Available from Yesstyle Price: £28.62 Volume: 70ml Fun fact: This is (Malassezia) Safe ! What is it?: Hydrating essence Good for: Combo/oily skin and for those in hot and humid climates. Description: 'Refreshing moisturizing Essence with Green Mineral Water extracted from vegetables for dewy and clear skin.' Packaging: Glass bottle! Pump top … Continue reading Review: Laneige Hydro Bank Water Essence

Review: Glossier Bubble Wrap (Lip and Eye Cream)

Price: £23 Where to purchase: HERE You can use my referral code to get 10% off: HERE Volume: 22ml What is it?: An Eye and Lip Cream to moisturise and hydrate the eyes and lips. What does it do: provide Intense Hydration to the eyes and lips. Supposed to improve the hydration of your under … Continue reading Review: Glossier Bubble Wrap (Lip and Eye Cream)