PR Unboxing: Pop Beauty Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Hi all!

I released a Youtube video providing swatches and a lip swatch of Pop Beauty’s matte liquid lip range.

In this video you’ll hear about how I feel about the lipsticks and if I like them.

I do have some pros and cons, and also some advice to make the experience more enjoyable.

There’s also a kiss-test to test if these are kiss proof.


Pop Beauty’s Website: HERE

They retail for £6 each and there are lip liners which I think go with these shades.

My favourite was Red Velvet.

There are some daring shades that aren’t really suited to me, but I did see some wearable shades.

I will continue to try these lipsticks and update here if there is anything drastically opposing to my opinions in the video!



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