The Inkey list PR unboxing and Swatches

Hi guys! I uploaded another video on my Youtube channel of a PR unboxing. This time, from the Inkey List!

I like the Inkeylist because they’re like the ordinary e.g. they KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. I either want my products to be simple i.e. all I am getting is pretty much THE active ingredient OR I want something so backed by science that it contains a whole cocktail of actives and ingredients PROVEN to work all in one bottle. The inkey list delivers on the former.


Not all of their products work for me, NOT because of the ingredients, but it’s because of the texture of the products. And this is usually my same issue with the Ordinary’s textures too for some of their products (i.e. too thick or balls/pills up under my spf/makeup or is too sticky).

For instance this Ceramide Night Treatment I received, I have found sticky – but works better for me when I have mixed it in with another product. Also I really have been liking it as a hand cream.


Brighten-eye cream HERE (Coming soon!)

Ceramide Night Treatment HERE (Coming soon!)

Collagen Booster HERE (Coming soon!)


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