Review: Open Formula Seaweed Toner

Where to purchase: From the Open Formula Website HERE Price: £13.81 Volume: 60ml Made in: The US What is it?: A spray-on toner that contains seaweed extracts Brand Description: An alcohol-free toner that aims to re-balance one's skin pH. Contains Red + Brown Algae (seaweed) which contains sugars + amino acids and minerals to help … Continue reading Review: Open Formula Seaweed Toner


Review: Open Formula Oil Cleanser

Where to purchase: Available on Open Formula's Website HERE Price: £11.29 Volume: 100ml What is it?: ''An Oil Cleanser which is a makeup remover, delicate enough for daily use, that can remove both sunscreen and waterproof makeup. Washes off thoroughly with no oil residue.'' Description: An 80% containing olive oil (it smells strongly of olive … Continue reading Review: Open Formula Oil Cleanser