Review: Hylamide SubQ Skin

Anti-age was the old name. I’m intruiged to think why they changed the name….

Where to purchase: Available at Look Fantastic: HERE

Price: £18

Volume: 30ml

Good for: Those who are concerned about ageing skin or need hydration.

What it supposedly targets:


MY opinion: I’m intrigued to know why they changed the name of this product from Anti-age to skin…perhaps legal reasons to the actual effect of the product? Not sure.


Description: In my opinion – an upgraded version of the ‘Buffet’ serum from the Ordinary. I would say upgraded because the texture of this, to me, is better (doesn’t ball up on my which often the ordinary serum does. The website states that it’s a concentrate of hyaluronic complexes (so multiple HAs), peptides and ‘biotechnologies’ to help rehydration.

Plumping up the skin with hydration means it reduces the look of fine lines and helps soften the texture of your skin. I don’t know how these can help with long-term wrinkles as I’m not sure peptides have been scientifically proven as effective anti-ageing compounds like retinol has been proven.

Directions: Apply to entire face AM and PM after cleansing.

How I use it: I apply this after using the Argireline solution (usually in the PM) and after using vitamin C. I mix this in with a a drop of cream and the laneige cream skin – I make a cocktail in the PM and apply. If I apply in the AM, I’ll just use this after a toner and before cream. I personally use this as an add-on to anti-ageing and not as my SOLE serum to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Key Ingredients:


  • Copper Lysinate/Prolinate – a pro-collagen (so I’m guessing to stimulate collagen production).
  • Nonapeptide-3 Retino-Complex – apparently produced better anti-ageing results than retinol with less irritation (I’m sceptical about this).
  • Next-Generation Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 – ‘Advanced form of Matrixyl’, helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 5 forms of Hyaluronic acids (to help with hydration and ‘visible elasticity’)
  • 2 forms of very-low molecular Hyaluronic Complex for rehydration.
  • A ‘new’ Hyaluronic Acid pre-cursor to help the skin look ‘plump and healthy.’
  • Tamarind-derived plant hyaluronic form that helps with rehydration.

Saccharide – mimics skin carbohydrates :Provides long-term hydration (if used continuously), improves the skin’s texture and helps with skin barrier function.

Algae Complex to support renewal and help prevent moisture loss.

Skin-binding glycoprotein (apparently increases the skin’s exposure to ‘active technologies’ to boost the effect of actives.


My take-away from this: basically a really good humectant serum (pulls water into the skin) – sinks deep into the skin for hydration.


Aqua (water), glycerin, hydrolyzed yeast extract, pentylene glycol, tamarindus indica seed gum, sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer, palmitoyl tripeptide-38, myristoyl nonapeptide-3, copper lysinate/prolinate, methylglucoside phosphate, hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate, ahnfeltia concinna extract, saccharide isomerate, polyglucuronic acid, lactobacillus/eriodictyon californicum ferment extract, pseudoalteromonas ferment extract, phospholipids, lecithin, hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose, polyacrylate crosspolymer-6, hexylene glycol, salicylic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide, trisodium ethylenediamine disuccinate, ethoxydiglycol, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, ethylhexylglycerin, caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin.

Cosmetic breakdown of ingredients HERE

Texture: It should be gloopy and sticky but it’s not (hence why I said it’s an upgraded version of the Ordinary’s buffet serum. It’s light but still viscous. Does not ball up under my spf. Doesn’t feel sticky either.

It sinks in even further than this. Very light-weight and hydrating

Live Swatch of this product is on my Youtube video!

Good under makeup?: Seems to be fine for me.

Packaging: A glass dropper bottle.

Fragrance?: NO! 🙂 And also this doesn’t smell bad like the Niod MMHC which smells of cheese.

The effect: Hydrated and plumped up skin! (can’t notice lines as easily but this effect is temporary).

How long have I been using this?: About 4 weeks.


What I like:

  • No fragrance
  • Doesn’t ball up under my other products
  • Hydrates my skin
  • Doesn’t irritate my skin
  • Absorbs quickly and doesn’t tug at my skin when I rub it in.
  • Contains a buffet of peptides so I don’t need to worry about including additional peptides.

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What I don’t like:

  • A bit pricey for 30ml
  • We don’t know how effective peptides are for legit turn back the test of time anti-ageing – like retinol does (need more clinical studies proving so) – so could be a waste of time using it. However I like to use it additionally to something proven like Retinol.

Rating and Conclusion: 3.9/5 – A good addition to my routine as this is the peptide part of my routine. Of course retinol is proven to be anti-ageing and then there is good evidence of AHA helping with fine lines and vitamin C also helping with collagen production – but next up in upcoming research are peptides. although right now they seem to mainly be good at hydration seemingly so, I appreciate adding this in my routine in case it does help with further collagen production and if not, at least this helps hydrate my skin well! I would say add this to your anti-ageing routine and do not depend on it ALONE as an anti-ageing solution. As a hydrating solution however I think it is fine!

Would I repurchase?: Yes I have repurchased this already. I think this is a great addition to any anti-ageing / hydrating routine as this contains a ‘buffet’ of peptides. I like this more than the ordinary’s buffet with copper peptides because that seemed to irritate my skin and ball up under my SPF.

Disclaimer: I am a skincare enthusiast and not a skin expert. I am not qualified to give out dermatological advice. This type of advice should only be given by a medical practitioner. Upon trying / using any of the reviewed products on the blog, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings and please seek medical advice if needed.


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