Review: dear klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA ++++

Price: £18.63 On Yesstyle – You can receive 10% off using my affiliate discount code: CVQFZA

Volume: 80ml (I like that this is large and they haven’t been stingey on the volume)

Good for: Dry, dehydrated, Combo skins.

I think Active-acne skins and sensitive to essential oil-skins would not appreciate this.

This stung in areas where I had active acne.

Also for oily-skins, this doesn’t have any oil control. But at least it is very light so your skin can breath.

Irritating?: For me this stung when my skin was sensitized by retinol or active breakouts. that are already stinging from products. If your skin is fine and tolerable to most sun blocks then this should be ok but this stung for me on retinol.

Key Ingredients: Niacinamide (brightening) and Adenosine. Panthenol (soothing) along with Beta-Glucan and Sea Buckthorn Oil (you can tell from the texture shot that there is a shine probably coming from the oil) They also state that this is water-based so the glow could also be from that.

Texture: As you can see from the comparison shots – this sun screen is very thin it has a slight shine that wasn’t picked up too well on camera. But there is zero white cast too.

White cast?: No. Not at all.

Under Makeup?: Absolutely fine under makeup.


The Good:

-No white cast

-Very very light

-Large Volume

-They added skin-beneficial ingredients like Niacinamide and Panthenol i.e. they have ‘boosted’ this sun block to try and improve the skin’s condition rather than just block the sun – I appreciate this a lot).

The Bad:

-Stung my face when skin barrier was compromised

-No oil control

Overall: This looks a bit shiny – not ridiculously shiny, but it does give me that ‘dewy’ look WHICH looks excellent at first, but soon after I start sweating or because I am oily – when my pores starts producing sebum, I look oily overall. Also I work out in sun screen so I look extra shiny after. This is not mattifying and not really hydrating. However I am so so happy that this does not make me look like a ghost. No white cast at all!
-This sun screen therefore does not have oil control for oily skins. For dry skins or combinations – this may just give a nice glow! I think perhaps dehydrated skins would require a moisturiser underneath! Dry skin could also use a moisturiser underneath because this is so thin.
-Therefore I would recommend for oily skins to perhaps powder their faces after application?

Score: 3.9/5 (No oil control is minus 1/2 point and because it stung my face during active breakouts and retinol 1/2 point, it meant I had to use another sunblock).

Would I repurchase? If you sting me. Chances are I’m not going to want to repurchase, so no.


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