[Video] A’pieu: K-Beauty Brand – Swatches + Review + Dupes!

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Twice’s Daehyun and Sana became brand ambassadors of the K-Beauty Brand A’pieu. I’ve always had an interested in this K-beauty brand, so I thought that I would purchase Fragrance and Essential-Oil Free HIT products from the brand, and try them out for myself; there are some hits and misses; so in this Youtube Video, I swatch + review this K-Beauty Skincare Routine, breakdown the Ingredients and also provide Dupes and alternatives, also letting you know which products suit Oily Skins or Dry Skins and what Skincare Concern these products address!

I hope you find the video useful!

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Hey Guys and welcome back to the Channel! This is Hannah from the Instagram: Myskincareregime where I post about Skincare Products I’m currently using. I also have a Blog where I post In-depth reviews, for which the link will be down below.

In this Video; we’re going to be swatching and reviewing products from the K-Beauty Brand Apieu! I’ve always been interested in A’pieu as the products have seemed gentle, geared towards sensitive skins. I’m a big fan of the K-pop group Twice and recently Twice members; Sana and Daehyun became Ambassadors for the company and I saw Daehyun’s Vlog where she was was showing her skincare routine and using Apieu products; so I decided to try out some Apieu products myself! I picked out products that make up a skincare routine; so you have a toner, serum, ampule, cream and sleeping mask if you want an extra step. Of course you can interchange them however you want with other products.

These products come from two lines in the brand, so a Cica-centered line where the main ingredient is Centella Asiatica and its variations such as Madecassoside. Centella Asiatica or Cica is used to soothe inflammation and calm down reddened skin. It’s works well with sensitive and sensitised skins. The Fusidium line which is the orange line; focuses on Blemish-Prone skin and preventing breakouts caused by environmental aggressors by being light and thin, and regulating excess sebum production in the skin. Of Note: The products I have selected are Fragrance and Essential Oil Free so Sensitive skins should be able to use these.

Now, let’s get on with the first product!


We’re starting with the first step in this skincare routine which is the Fusidium Trouble Calming Toner! This toner is aimed at blemish-prone skins and for breakout incidents due to, for instance, wearing face masks. There’s a focus on the 3% Fusidium Complex in here and the 2% Fusidium Ferment Filtrate. The Fungi: Fusidium Coccineum produces this fermentation filtrate which is supposed to supress the growth of P.Acnes (which is an acne-causing bacteria), on the skin; therefore reducing breakouts. The Scientific Literature doesn’t seem to back up this claim enough; However, it doesn’t mean Fusidium Ferment Filtrate is useless as; like the 1% Dexypanthenol, Ectoin, Green Tea, Beta-Glucan, Allantoin and Purslane Extract all included in here; it works to improve the skin’s condition. Hyaluronic acid is also added to Hydrate the skin.

And this toner does help with breakouts as the Skullcap Root Extract included, is a soothing antioxidant that does have antibacterial and antifungal properties; supressing the growth of P.acnes and reinforces this by helping to regulate oil production in the skin. Furthermore, this toner also contains gentle exfoliating acids, which suit sensitive skins. These exfoliate the skin and unclog pores; helping to regulate sebum and reduce the risk of breakouts. These exfoliating acids are next-generation AHAs which are gentler but consequently; ae slightly less effective than regular AHAs. But nonetheless, they still work to gently lift dead skin cells, moisturise the skin’s barrier and soothe the skin. These include Lactobionic Acid and Gluconolactone. Gluconolactone also provides anti-ageing benefits and helps regulate oil-production in the skin. Therefore, this toner is well suited towards Sensitive and Oily Skins, but the added hydrating ingredients help to avoid dehydration. In terms of the scent; I don’t get a strong scent from this. And in terms of the texture: This is a lightweight, watery toner which absorbs quickly and does not feel sticky or tacky, oily or greasy. It doesn’t sting or irritate the skin either.

In terms of a dupe; if pimples and breakout avoidance is what you’re looking for, and you have sensitive skin; then the Geek and Gorgeous; Calm Down 4% PHA + BHA Liquid is a good dupe! It contains both Lactobionic Acid and Gluconolactone, which is the same as this toner; hydrating and exfoliating the skin. However, Salicylic Acid; a BHA that exfoliates deep within the pores to reduce the look of blackheads and helps reduce excess oil production in the skin; is a helpful addition; which makes this a good match for oily-blemish prone and sensitive skins My Full Review with Swatches is on the Blog.

Next up is the Madecassoside Ampoule 2x – a soothing, skin-conditioning and anti-inflammatory product aimed at dehydrated, sensitive and redness-prone skins. This has an improved formula; containing more madecassoside than the previous one. This is a simple ampoule containing just two ingredients: Centalla Asiatica Extract and Madecassoside. What makes these ingredients special? They are both soothing antioxidants. Centella Asiatica has many biologically active compounds and one is Madecassoside. These both help improve Hyaluronic Acid production in the skin; hence why this ampoule is moisturising, and they also provide anti-inflammatory properties. Madecassoside; like Cica; helps with wound-healing and increases antioxidant levels in the skin, required for collagen synthesis, helping with skin elasticity. Madecassoside might also help with hyperpigmentation-prone skin, and helps with peeling or itchy skin, making it a good partner when using Retinol. In terms of a scent; I don’t get a scent from this. And in terms of the texture; this has a unique, lightweight feel to it that is similar to propolis. It’s not gloopy or sticky and absorbs well not the skin; hydrating and also refreshing it immediately.

When comparing both the Toner and the Ampoule’s textures; you can see that the toner is extremely lightweight and watery, while the ampoule has a bit more of a gel-type texture to it. However both are light and would suit Oily and Combination Skins.

In terms of a dupe for the Ampoule; the Cosrx Cica Serum is a good dupe as it contains not only 1 biologically active compound of Cica, but 7, and at high concentrations. So if you have sensitive and redness-prone skin, that too could be a good. I have a video swatching and reviewing the Cosrx cica collection if you’re interested. Another dupe is the Skin1004 Centella Ampoule which although it does not contain madecassoside, it does contain 100% Centella Asiatica Extract; so it too is a simple, lightweight, watery ampoule that’s main goal is to provide the soothing and reinforcing benefits of Cica. I too have a video swatching and reviewing.

Next up is another product from the Fusidium line like the toner, and that is the Fusidium Trouble Calming Cream, which is aimed towards blemish-prone, sensitive and oily skins.


Like the toner’ this aims to soothe the skin, reduce irritation and reinforce the skin’s barrier. Similarly; this contains 1% Dexpanthenol which helps prevent water loss and hydrates the skin. Most of the antioxidants included here are the same as the toner, which are soothing and also help to hydrate and moisturise the skin. However unlike the toner; this contains a higher percentage of Fusidium Fement Filtrate, which is skin conditioning. And also unlike the toner; this does not contain exfoliating PHAs like Lactobionic Acid or Gluconolactone. So, this cream focuses mainly on healing sensitive skin and restoring the skin’s barrier rather than unclogging pores. However, an additional product in the Fusidium line, meant to be used after this cream is a spot treatment; the Fusidium Spot Calming Gel which contains LHA and the PHA Gluconolactone to exfoliate blemishes; reducing the size of them without drying them out; so that could be used in addition to this cream if you have blemishes.

Furthermore, this cream works to soothe the skin; using antibacterial and antifungal Rosemary Extract and Skullcap Root extract like the toner, to reduce the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Cica, Green Tea and Purslane Extract are also added to soothe, protect and hydrate the skin. So this is a gentle, simple moisturiser meant to both hydrate and reinforce the skin’s barrier.

In terms of the scent, I don’t get a scent from this. And in terms of the texture: This has a hydrating feel to it. It feels closer to a gel cream than an emollient cream. It doesn’t take long to absorb and does not feel sticky or tacky or greasy.  It’s pleasant and comfortable to use for my combination skin.

In terms of a Dupe: The Purito B5 Panthenol Cream is similar in texture and finish and it too works to reinforce the skin’s barrier and regulate sebum My full review is on the blog. If you require a moisturiser that works on blemish-prone, oily-skin, then the Clear Skin Days Mattifying moisturiser is a good pick; I have swatched and reviewed this blemish-prone tackling line in another video. Link below.

Last but not least is the Madecassoside Sleeping Mask! So what is a sleeping mask? It is a moisturising cream that is usually thicker and creamy in texture compared to a regular, sometimes more water-based moisturiser or gel, like the Fusidium Cream. The goal of a sleeping mask is to form a thick, emollient layer on top of the skin that helps prevent moisture loss while you sleep. It’s there to add extra moisture or hydration, depending on the mask you use. For example the Laneige Sleeping mask is very watery and gel-like, which aims to provide deeper hydration into the skin.

This sleeping mask contains 30% Madecassoside and Cica, to soothe and hydrate the skin while relieving it of redness or itchiness. It contains a lot of emollient and creamy ingredients to form a film or moisture barrier on top of the skin to prevent moisture loss; making it creamier and heavier; such as Beeswax and Shea Butter. Additional Ceramides like Moringa Seed Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil are also added to moisturise the skin. Betaine is also included to hydrate and moisturise the skin, and Niacinamide and Adenosine help reinforce the skin’s barrier. Phytosphingosine is also included as it is antimicrobial, to help reduce skin irritation.

In terms of the scent: I don’t get a scent from this. And In terms of the texture: This has a creamy feel to it. It’s not very hydrating and doesn’t have a wet base to it. It is moisturising and takes slightly longer than the Fusidium cream to fully absorb into the skin. It doesn’t feel greasy, but it does feel heavy on the skin. So you can definitely see this product is more suited towards Normal-Dry Skins as it’s more emollient than it is hydrating, and feels quite heavy albeit very smooth and silky on the skin. This also doesn’t feel oily or greasy, but more so creamy. And it also isn’t sticky or tacky on the skin.

When comparing the Creams: You can see that the Fusidium cream is more watery and gel-based. It feels lightweight compared to the sleeping mask which looks thicker and less wet, however it isn’t greasy. The Fusidium cream would suit Normal-Oily Skin types whereas the Sleeping Mask would suit Normal-Dry Skins. But both suit sensitive skins. Whereas the Fusidium cream suits more blemish prone skins, the mask caters towards redness, and sensitivity-prone skins.

In terms of a dupe: The Purito Dermide cica barrier sleeping pack is suitable as it too contains Madecassoside and is fragrance and essential oil free, suits sensitive skins and also suits normal-Dry skin types. The Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask is also a good dupe; its also thick and creamy, is fragrance and essential oil free and works for dry skins.

And here are swatches and a full comparison of the products textures, from thinnest to thickest so you can see what they’re like.

Overall: These products are great for sensitive skins. Oily and Combination Skins could enjoy all these products except the sleeping mask as it’s more geared towards Dry Skins. The Toner is especially good for Blemish Prone Skins and the Ampoule is great for sensitive and sensitised skins due to the high amount of Cica. Personally the sleeping mask isn’t my favourite as I found it too thick for my combination skin, and my favourites are the toner and the ampoule as I found them quite effective; the toner helped gently exfoliate my skin, thus helping to prevent breakouts, and the ampoule was great to help soothe my skin if irritated by retinol use. 

And that’s it for this video! I hope you enjoyed it; let me know what other videos you’d like to see and which K-pop group’s skincare recommendations you’d like to see as well. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share this video if you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you in the next one – bye!


Products Filmed:

Madecassoside Ampoule 2x: Yesstyle – LINK / Stylevana – LINK / Soko Glam – LINK

  • My favourite product from this lineup. The Ampoule really works for my Oily-Combo skin, hydrates and soothes it!

Madecassoside 2x Sleeping Mask: Yesstyle – LINK

  • Quite thick, Dry skins would prefer this over Oily Skins!

Fusidium Toner: LINK / Stylevana – LINK

  • This exfoliating toner is something I would recommend as it both hydrates the skin, reinforces the skin’s barrier while gently exfoliating it through the use of gentle PHAs

Fusidium Cream: LINK

  • A cream more suited towards Combination and Oily Skins (in Winter)

Products Mentioned:

Geek and Gorgeous Calm Down – Swatches + Review: LINK / LINK

  • A good dupe for the Toner as this gently exfoliates sensitive skins, but also has added BHA in here to help decongest the skin

Purito Sleeping Mask: Yesstyle – LINK

  • A thick mask that also will suit Dry Skins like the Madecassoside Sleeping Mask

Skin1004 Centella Ampoule – Swatches + Review: LINK / Link: LINK

  • A good dupe for the Madecassoside Ampoule although this does only contain Cica whereas the A’pieu Ampoule only has Madecassoside

Purito B5 Cream – Swatches + Review: / Link: LINK / LINK

  • A good dupe for the Fusidium Cream as this also suits oily-combo Skins

Cosrx Cica Serum – Swatches + Review: / Link: LINK / Stylevana – LINK

  • Contains numerous Centella Asiatica Derivatives and is also soothing. I do think the A’pieu Ampoule is slightly more sensitive-skin friendly however.

Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask: Swatches + Review: LINK / Yesstyle – LINK

  • Thick sleeping mask suitable for dry skins!

Laneige Sleeping Mask: Swatches + Review: LINK / Yesstyle – LINK

  • Watery Sleeping Mask (however contains Fragrance)

Clear Skin Days Mattifying Moisturiser: LINK

  • Aimed at Oily + Blemish-Prone skins. This mattifies to avoid the look of greasiness

Fusidium Spot Clearing Gel: LINK

  • An addition in your Fusidium-line routine. It’s a spot treatment to be used after the cream

Videos Mentioned:

Cosrx Cica Collection – Swatches + Review:

  • As I mention the COSRX Cica Serum; here is the video swatching + reviewing the line!

Skin1004 Collection – Swatches + Review:

  • As I mention the Skin1004 Centella Ampoule; here is a video swatching + reviewing the brand’s fragrance + eo free products!

Moisturiser Recommendations – Swatches + Review:

  • As I mention the Purito B5 Panthenol Cream, here is a video swatching + reviewing numerous moisturisers for recommendation!

Clear Skin Days Collection – Swatches + Review:

  • Swatching + reviewing the Cleark Skin Day’s brand line as I mention the Mattifying Moisturiser!

My Skin Type: I am acne prone and have slightly dehydrated combo skin. My skin is usually tight where the cheeks and eye area is and the outer parts of my face. My T zone is oily. My skin isn’t a fan of thick/heavy formulas so I opt for lightweight formulas to prevent it from clogging up. My skin doesn’t like essential oils either and I try to avoid fragrance when I can.

Disclaimer: I am a skincare enthusiast and not a skin expert. I am not qualified to give out dermatological advice. This type of advice should only be given by a medical practitioner. Upon trying / using any of the reviewed products on the blog, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings and please seek medical advice if needed.


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