Review: Good Molecules – BHA Clarify Gel Cream

Where to purchase: Available to Purchase on the Good Molecules Website HERE

Price: £7.32

My Thoughts: I like the addition of soothing and hydrating ingredients to prevent this product from drying out the skin. I like the lower % of BHA as I prefer gentle exfoliation.

Volume: 30ml

Made in: Korea

What is it?: A Gel Cream (treatment) meant to help clear one’s complexion + maintain it by using a gentle % of BHA along with Cica.

Supposedly Good for: Blemish-Prone Skin / Blackheads i.e. Oily, Acne-prone skin.

Concerns: Breakouts, Irritation, Congestion

What I think: I would agree as this contains BHA (more geared towards blemish-prone skins), and just in terms of the texture, this works for those in hot, humid weathers and/or those with oily skins as this is more of a gel than it is a cream.


pH: 5.2 (The skin is ~5.5)

Vegan?: Yes

Cruelty Free?: Yes

Packaging: Metal Tube with a screw cap. You can see because it’s metal, the more you use it, the less pretty it looks. I really like how big the hole is – makes it very easy to dispense a good amount of product to cover the face quickly.

Youtube Video: Moisturisers (Includes the Good Molecules BHA Clarify Gel Cream + Includes hand and face swatches).

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Directions: ”Apply all over cleansed skin after toner and serums. Follow up with a moisturizer. We recommend wearing SPF while using this product.” (From the Good Molecules Website).

NOTE: This cream can be used in conjunction with the Good Molecules Glycolic Acid Toner (HERE) for an added BHA, pore-tackling effect.

How I use it: I used this in the PM as a moisturiser. Especially during the summer, this is a great, lightweight Gel cream that sits on top of lightweight serums and toners fine. I apply a pea sized amount to the face and concentrate on the T-zone i.e. where the pore problems are mainly.

NOTE: I will say when I initially started using this, I did feel an uncomfortable tingling sensation. I think my skin was just trying to get used to it. Now it’s fine!

Key Ingredients: Salicylic Acid (An BHA 0.4%). Cica (To soothe the skin). Green Tea Extract (Also to soothe the skin). Pomegranate + Grapeseed oils (Supposedly hydrate without clogging pores). Liquorice Root Extract (Brighten the skin), Allantoin to soothe the skin.

Full Ingredients: Water – 87.0%, Propanediol – 5.0%, Diheptyl Succinate – 2.5%, Glycerin – 2.0%, Ammonium, Acryloyldimethyltaurate/vp Copolymer – 1.4%, Salicylic Acid – 0.4%, Phenoxyethanol – 0.35%, Caprylyl Glycol – 0.35%, Tromethamine – 0.3%, Ethylhexylglycerin – 0.1%, Triethyl Citrate – 0.1%, Benzoic Acid – 0.1%, Allantoin – 0.1%, Camellia Sinensis Seed Oil – 0.1%, Bisabolol – 0.1%, Punica Granatum Seed Oil – 0.1%, Vitis Vinifera, (Grape) Seed Oil – 0.1%, Centella Asiatica Extract – 0.1%, Diglucosyl Gallic Acid – 0.09%, T-butyl Alcohol – 0.06%, 1,2-hexanediol – 0.06%, Capryloyl Glycerin/sebacic Acid Copolymer – 0.05%, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, (Licorice) Root Extract – 100 ppm, Lilium Candidum Bulb Extract – 0.5 ppm, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract – 0.25 ppm

NOTE: Incidecoder have an Ingredient Breakdown: HERE

I like the addition of Liquorice Root Extract to help brighten the skin (would have liked Niacinamide too).


  • This is layerable. It sits fine on top of other skincare products for me. It doesn’t make my skin feel like it can’t breath either. I do think it really suits oily + combo skins and those in hot + humid weather. Dry skins would not find this moisturising or hydrating enough unless layering this underneath a moisturiser.
  • Hopefully you can see how lightweight this product is. It doesn’t feel sticky or tacky either. It kind of just glides across the skin. I don’t have issues waiting for this to absorb either.

Texture Swatch:

This has a lightweight gel texture as you can see. It’s almost watery with how lightweight it is. It’s still translucent so there are emollients in here to moisturise and not only hydrate the skin.


Texture Video Swatch:

  • As you can see from the texture – this is definitely a gel/cream hybrid. It’s smooth, it’s not sticky or tacky and seems to layer fine under moisturisers and on top of serums without palling or pilling up. Also I like how big the hole is to dispense product out, I can get out the right amount quite quickly.

Layerability: Yes this is fine to layer i.e I can put a moisturiser on top and serums underneath.

Stings the Eyes?: I don’t put this near the eyes.

Summer or Winter?: Great Summer Moisturiser (as this is lightweight and will help reduce excess sebum). But it can be used in the winter under another moisturiser (as this is technically a treatment).


Fragrance?: No added fragrance and/or essential oils. So this does smell like ‘chemicals’ i.e. it just smells of the ingredients/active ingredients in the product. The smell isn’t totally off-putting and is worth it since I like the results.

Good Under Makeup?: Yes this is fine under makeup, but I prefer to use in the PM as an evening treatment.

How long have I been using this?: 2-3 months of using every other PM.

The Effect?: Has helped keep my skin in check! My pores don’t look bigger and this didn’t seem to worsen my skin state. Immediately this did feel hydrating/moisturising, and long-term it’s helped prevent crazy breakouts (With consistent use) and reduce pimples becoming PIH. I will continue to use this until completion.

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What I like:

  • Initially Hydrating/Moisturising (i.e. immediate effect)
  • Lightweight
  • No added fragrance and/or essential oils
  • Big hole in the tube which makes this easier to dispense an adequate amount of product.
  • Has actually helped maintain my skin condition!

What I don’t like:

  • Doesn’t smell the best (but I prefer it to be unfragranced)
  • Did uncomfortably tingle the first few times I tried this (I think my skin was trying/starting to adapt). So sensitive skins should monitor this sensation when applying + using.
  • Not a hard-hitting ”fix” i.e. this is a gentle, slow-treatment and I would recommend higher % BHA for those who have genuine pimple problems.

Overall Rating and Conclusion: 4/5 – I really like this gel! I like the lower % of BHA so it’s more tolerable for my reactive/sensitive skin. I like this cream and it’s been helpful at keeping my pores in check 🙂 This is hydrating + Moisturising for my oily-combo skin. I would say a higher % of BHA would mean quicker results with less usage time but I understand that the company are going for a more gentle approach which I also appreciate. The smell isn’t the best so I do just need to get used to it. I think adding Niacinamide would have been good (also helps with PIH and Pores) so that would have been great – but I find it interesting and oddly coincidental that it’s encouraged to use this with the Glycolic toner which does contain Niacinamide. (however I use the toner with this because it is very gentle, good and provides better results, so they got me).

Would I repurchase?: Yes! I love lightweight textures (and products that contain actives) like this so it’s right up my alley.

Dupe?: In terms of a Gel that contains BHA? I haven’t tried a good dupe – but it does remind me of the Dr G Blemish Gel Cream HERE – BUT this doesn’t contain BHA (and yet is aimed at blemishes…). 2 Products that I have not tried but contain BHA – The Ordinary BHA Serum HERE / Paula’s Choice BHA Cream HERE (But this is 2% so a much higher concentration).

My Skin Type: I am acne prone and have slightly dehydrated combo skin. My skin is usually tight where the cheeks and eye area is and the outer parts of my face. My T zone is oily. My skin isn’t a fan of thick/heavy formulas so I opt for lightweight formulas to prevent it from clogging up. My skin doesn’t like essential oils either and I try to avoid fragrance when I can.

Disclaimer: I am a skincare enthusiast and not a skin expert. I am not qualified to give out dermatological advice. This type of advice should only be given by a medical practitioner. Upon trying / using any of the reviewed products on the blog, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings and please seek medical advice if needed.

Note: I earn a small commission when you purchase through affiliate links, which helps me purchase products for review + also help improve the Blog! If you would like to support me, thank you ever so much! and if not, that’s fine – I hope you enjoy my posts! 


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