Review: Lanolips 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm

Can be purchased on their direct website: HERE

Price:  £10.99

Volume: 19g

Made in: Australia

What does it do: An all-rounder balm.

-Hydrating, nourishing, super intense

-Super dense lanolin balm. Penetrates and seals in moisture. Good for dry patches of skin.

Packaging: A tube with an annoying screw cap. Easy to carry.

Good for: All skin types (unless allergic to Lanolin)

Directions: Use generously (warm between your fingers before applying

Can use on: Cracked heels, dry cuticles, dry nasal passages, keep eyebrows in place, windburn, dry and brittle nails, paper cuts, insect bites. Can even add to your moisturiser to supercharge it

How I use it: Currently have a rash on my hand so I have been applying this ointment before I go to bed. It schmoozles all over my bed sheets. I also have applied this on my lips. I don’t use this really for the other 99 uses suggested (because it’s so sticky it’s not the easiest/best to use without it sticking to fabric/clothes.

Key ingredients: Lanolin (pure). Can cause irritation to some skins (do a patch test). Lanolin is nature’s moisturiser. Mimics your own skin’s oils.

Texture: Thick, sticky. Remains on top of the skin and very glossy

Good under makeup?: I wouldn’t apply this to my whole face. I think it would be too thick and sticky for makeup.

Fragrance?: None


The Good:

-Multipurpose – you get your money’s worth

-Actually works. This helped my dry skin rash immensely

-No fragrance

-Good for sensitive skin (No irritation, no stinging or burning)

The Bad:

  • VERY sticky
  • Thick
  • Remains totally on top of the skin
  • Feels heavy on the lips
  • HATE THE SCREW CAP. It’s so fiddly. Just falls off and I drop it on the floor etc.
  • Quite pricey for a small tube (but perhaps it’s the UK import charges).

Conclusion: This ointment has helped the rash on my hand IMMENSELY. I am shocked by how well it has aided my rash and hydrated/moisturised it. So I would repurchase this ointment for any rashes/itchy bumps I have. The only issue is I HATE the texture. I hate how sticky and thick it is, how it doesn’t absorb into the skin – so if I want to wear gloves / get changed / sleep – this will rub onto all the fabric. But the effect of this has been amazing.

For the lips: I prefer the laneige sleeping mask as it is thinner. This feels too thick for me. BUT the effect of moisture on the lips has been good.

As an ointment: I do prefer the texture and feel of ABNOMALY’s Petrowhat? Ointment which melts into the skin and is absorbed well.

Would I repurchase?: Not this particular balm – BUT I would absolutely try other products from this company. I think they have made some pretty nifty products.

Overall Score: 3/5 (it’s so effective but the texture and packaging disappoints me).


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