Review: Holika Holika Less on Skin Toner

Volume: 180ml Where to purchase: On Yesstyle HERE (discount CVQFZA) OR - HERE Price: £19.69 Made in: South Korea What is it?: A toner said to control the production of sebum, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. 'Reduces skin irritation and pore blockage.' They also say that this product isn't sticky and I agree with this. Good … Continue reading Review: Holika Holika Less on Skin Toner

Review: I’m From Rice Toner

Can be purchased: On Yesstyle: HERE You can use my 10% off affiliate discount code (at no further cost to you): CVQFZA What is it?: Hydrating, brightening toner. What does it do: Brightening, Anti-ageing and Hydrating. Personally, I didn’t see drastic anti-ageing effects or drastic brightening effects. I can say however, that this did help … Continue reading Review: I’m From Rice Toner