[Video] Skincare used by NCT’s Jaehyun – Are they any good?

Hello all! I hope you're well 🙂 I wanted to do another K-pop Skincare Review (My Previous one was Key from Shinee's Collaboration with Youlief: Their Cleansing Duo Set: LINK), and this time, I was intrigued by NCT's Jaehyun's Skincare! In his Relay Cam, he used these two specific products so I purchased them to … Continue reading [Video] Skincare used by NCT’s Jaehyun – Are they any good?


[Video] K-Beauty AM Routine – Swatches + Review

Hey Guys! I wanted to review some skincare products and show some live swatches + face swatches so you can see the texture 🙂 I also discuss dupes, what I liked and what I didn't like and who these products are more geared towards as well as what they do. Enjoy watching! https://youtu.be/h_Wh7wwtnpo Please Consider … Continue reading [Video] K-Beauty AM Routine – Swatches + Review

Sensitive Skin – PM Routine! [Video]

Hey Guys! I previously uploaded my July PM Evening routine - but I also wanted to show you my routine for days when my skin is slightly sensitive - so this doesn't include any acids 🙂 There are some new products in here so please enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWOD8-flSOo&t=1s In the video, I show swatches - first … Continue reading Sensitive Skin – PM Routine! [Video]

Video: My AM Routine! (April/May)

Hey Guys! In this video, as requested, since you all were so interested in my PM routine, I will be showing you my AM routine! There are some oldies and some newbies. I explain in what order, how and why I use products, highlighting some of the key ingredients. I hope you find it a … Continue reading Video: My AM Routine! (April/May)

My Updated PM Routine!

Hi all, In this video I show you my updated PM routine with swatches! It does change from time to time depending what rotation of 'actives' I'm using and also depending on my skin condition! https://youtu.be/ty4VdJfU5As I sometimes use less or more products in my routine, it all depends on how my skin is feeling! … Continue reading My Updated PM Routine!