First Impressions – Kayali Deja Vu White Flower – 57 Hair Mist

More info on Huda Beauty’s Website HERE

Volume: 75ml

Price: £36.72 (this could be pricey but depends how much use one can get out of this i.e. if you use it daily, could end up lasting 2 months or up to 6 months if you spray every other day to once a week etc)

Hey Guys!

I received this in PR and wanted to show you some pictures of the product and give you my first impressions of the new Kayali Hair Mist. Now I have not smelled the actual Kayali fragrance (in a Glass jar), so I can’t tell you if this has the exact same scent, but what I can say is if the Hair Mist smells this good, then the next time I visit the UAE, I will make sure to purchase the Kayali fragrance.

I have currently been using the G Dragon Moonshot perfume which has been nice, it is more Citrus-y (lemon-y) and a bit more manly compared to this fragrance. What I have been doing is before going out, I spritz my perfume usually right over my head. So the fact that I received this new product (I didn’t even know Kayali was releasing a product like this) – I thought; ‘What are the chances of someone like me who sprays my perfume over my head, receives a perfume specifically for the head/hair??’


So of course I was immediately intrigued. I had no clue what the scent would be like when I popped open the cap of this canned perfume. The metal is quite cool to the touch. the spray itself is a regular spray bottle. It seems very easy to travel with (no fear of spilling as this is an aerosol).

I sprayed it on my palm and sniffed.

First I’ll let you know what’s in here in terms of the Key Nots:

Top: Green Pear, White Nectarine, Lush Gardenia

Mid: Indian Jasmine Absolute, Orange Flower, Tuberose Infusion

Dry: Crystallised Patchouli, Cashmere Woods, Sri Lankan Sandalwood, Tahitian Vanilla

Now personally what I smell when I get a whiff of this is definitely the Gardenia (I love Gardenia because I love the Chanel Gardenia Perfume and have been dying to purchase that). I am a big fan of Sandalwood as I find it quite an Arab scent (so it’s nostalgic for me), and then I do smell some Orange Flower and definitely the Vanilla. So it’s overall a light but definitely present scent that doesn’t immediately fade away.

In terms of the spray itself – I thought, judging from the spray mechanism, that this would shoot out liquid into my hair in a less than elegant way but no, this is a light, mist-like spray which doesn’t spray all over i.e. it does get into the hair and you don’t lose half the product into the air (which I appreciate).

Does it help the hair?: Well this doesn’t contain Alcohol and apparently is non-drying. I’ve only used this once in the hair so I can’t say if it’s ‘ruined’ my hair or ‘dried it out’ but this does contain Camellia Oil, Aloe Vera and Castor oil which are meant to help give the hair some shine and nourish it – so those are some nice additions!


For the ultimate test of ‘Will a perfume stay’ I tried this on for the Gym (as getting hot and sweaty usually eradicates any perfume I apply). My sister sneakily spritzed some in her hair as I smelled it on her at the gym and then she came clean and told me she’d only done a spray or two (unlike me who did about 4 sprays or more…(I’m addicted). But honestly both she and I smelled really nice. I was shocked that I could still smell our fragrance in the car. Of course this is the type of product where the more you spray, the more it latches onto you and the longer the scent stays. but we were out for a good 2-3 hours and didn’t start to stink and the scent didn’t disappear either.

I think the bottle itself looks lush and would look fab on my shelf, but I’m happy that the scent is genuinely nice. I think I was worried it would either smell too sweet or very citrus-y, and it doesn’t smell of either. If you like the smell of Arabs, if you like that Arab scent but without it being too heavy, too suffocating, and still light and elegant – then I think you could enjoy this. Honestly, because I like the mist so much, I will definitely be purchasing the full size Kayali fragrance if it smells exactly like this mist.


You can see the spraying mechanism here – you would think that the product would shoot out product and hit you in the eye, but no, it comes out in a fine mist. I think 3-4 mists should do the trick if you want to be totally engulfed in this wonderful scent.

You can see what the spray mechanism / cap looks like

Final Verdict: I will absolutely be continuing using this product until it’s finished. I like the idea that it has some hair beneficial ingredients and no alcohol, so I don’t feel nervous spraying it over my head/on my hair like I do with my regular perfume.

It smells Arab but not heavy, it smells ‘friendly’ – I definitely get the Vanilla, Sandalwood, Orange scent and it’s really nice. Quite feminine but also sophisticated.

I think it looks lovely and the mist is lightweight without wasting so much product per spray.

Tips from Mona: Hold the bottle 20cm from ones hair and spray a few times OR spray into your brush before combing your hair OR for an even more subtle scent, spray into your towel before drying your wet hair to subtly perfume the hair. Interesting! But personally I’d just spray this right into my hair as I don’t want to waste any product through transfer.

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