I’m on Patreon!

Give me money on Patreon because you like to waste funds or ...

Hi Skincare Junkies!

I wanted to let you know that I now have a Patreon page! – If you would like to support me there, then here is the link! HERE

As you know, I have both an Instagram, Youtube and Blog where I showcase skincare products and create skincare-based content! I hope you have enjoyed what I have created as I have loved sharing my thoughts with you, and your feedback has been phenomenal.

I would absolutely love to make it a career to become a content creator and share my love of skincare with you!

Therefore, I would appreciate it if you would consider becoming a Patron and supporting my content creation – there are different tiers with different perks or benefits which you can have a look at if you go to my page HERE

I absolutely plan on creating more tiers, and expanding the rewards (such as creating new blog content, early access to reviews and doing dedicated product reviews AND MORE) I just want to start off small to see how it goes!

Currently, you can vote on Youtube video topics (and consequently that means the supplementary blog post) AND YOU CAN VOTE ON PRODUCT REVIEW POLLS. You can also make suggestions for Youtube video topics (and subsequently the supplementary blog post with the video) to be voted on! And you can get access to Patron-only posts (such as being the first to see PR received, products bought and my early thoughts/first impressions on products). I hope you can check out the page!

And of course, if you just want to support the content specifically on the blog – then please check out the donation panel below!

Help Support The Blog!

The donation you make goes towards running the blog, creating content and purchasing the products needed for review - thank you!


Once again thank you all for your support and simply reading my reviews or watching my videos or loving my Instagram posts is wonderful!

Hannah x


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