Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Collection Lipsticks: Review and Swatches!

Hi all! I recently published a video unboxing and swatching lipsticks from Lisa Eldridge’s True Velvet collection.

These lipsticks are available on her website HERE

The video lets you know the prices and more! There are also swatches!

Video contains swatches of all the lipsticks

Update on the lipsticks: I have now worn these lipsticks over some time.

I can say, after eating and drinking, these lipsticks, in terms of texture on the lips, turn a bit ‘grainy’. I don’t think they are drying or uncomfortable, but I think eating sort of removes the ‘top’ layer of this lipstick which leaves underneath a sort of grainy-ness. (but of course you’d have to re-touch if you eat). The grainy-ness is a little uncomfortable, but once you re-apply, that feeling semi goes away. The pigmentation is there, I always get compliments when I wear this lipstick.

Also it’s been fine in my bag! due to the magnets, this doesn’t have an issue of falling apart in your bag and ruining it.

My favourite colour is: Velvet Ribbon. Marvelous.

Would I repurchase?: Yes I would. I want her to expand more reds! I think Lisa could easily make fantastic pigmented glosses (my favourite are the ABH glosses at the moment) or even some liquid lipsticks.

Velvet ribbon
packaging! Metal gold and cool to the touch.
Velvet fawn – a lot more nude than velvet muse
Velvet jazz – interesting texture
Velvet ribbon! Look at that texture

The colours in the above picture are:

  1. Velvet Morning 2. Velvet Jazz 3. Velvet Ribbon 4. Velvet Fawn 5. Velvet Muse

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