Review: White Rabbit Premium Cotton Sheet

Available to purchase from their website: HERE

Price: $13.99

Volume: 200 pads in 1 box. 0.4lbs / 4*6 inches – (large size allows for DIY sheet masks).

Made in: South Korea

Description: 100% organic, unbleached and untreated cotton pads. Extra large size so you can DIY mask or remove a large surface area of makeup without using a tonne of pads. Helps to apply toner quicker to your face because it covers more of your face. Does not suck up all your product / waste your product. effectively spits your product back out again.

These cotton pads are incredibly soft and do not pill on your skin. With these, you’ll get the most out of your products without being harsh on your skin.

Packaging: Very aesthetically pleasing. I would prefer a way that you can take a pad out one at a time perhaps in a tub as it means I have to keep a quite large box by my sink. And if I want both pads, I need 2 boxes out which takes up space.

Compared to a 1/2 cotton pad sheet: These are a lot tougher – NOT IN A BAD WAY. I mean they don’t rip as easily and don’t seem to disintegrate the moment they touch water – this is very useful as i can swipe my face easily and not be worried about tearing the pads.

Directions: Their extra large size allows you to use them to remove makeup (using makeup remover liquid), tone, or even create your own sheet mask by soaking them in your favourite essence.

Plain Type: Pair with your toner or essence

Very large when opened out. So I cut this in half when I use it. No lint or dust left over.

Perforated Type: Pair with micellar water-based cleansing water, toner or essence

Looks very similar to medical gauze. This does not feel scratchy on the skin. You can swipe your face and remove excess dirt or makeup due to this porous texture.

How I use them: I use the perforated cotton pad to swipe my face with toner, post-cleanse. I do this because I find that the perforated sheets pick up dirt more/better than the non-perforated sheets. I don’t really DIY sheet mask with these however, if I did – it would be using the non-perforated sheets.

*ALSO I cut these sheets in half – therefore saving money as I have double the amount of sheets per-box because of this*


Ingredients: 100% organic, unbleached and untreated cotton.

Texture: The perforated pads and the non-perforated pads feel quite similar in terms of they have the same thickness. However the perforated pads have holes so they cling to the skin better (supposedly to remove makeup). The perforated pad feels exactly like gauze.

Side by side comparison in textures. Both have different uses.
How they look when wet. They don’t chew up too much toner/lotion

What I like:

  • Simply 100% organic unbleached pads – I like that it’s untreated.
  • I like how big these pads are. I do want to DIY mask more with these.
  • Also because they are so big – I can cut them in half, so add 50% more.
  • Doesn’t leave behind any dust / lint ont he skin
  • Very durable
  • Not scratchy
  • Doesn’t swallow up all my toner / lotions (spits them out again)
  • Hasn’t irritated my skin

What I don’t like:

  • Would prefer a bit more ‘spongeyness’ to these pads
  • Because I have to cut these in 1/2 myself, I would prefer 1/2 sized pads as an option too.
  • These don’t ‘glide’ on my skin, they sort of stick so well to the skin when you press them over that it doesn’t feel very ‘luxurious.’ However because they stick to the skin, they do 1/ wipe makeup off and 2/ swipe dirt off with your toner / cleansing water

Conclusion: Overall both these pads are good. I like that they are big. They haven’t irritated my skin, and they remove excess dirt which is how I’ve used them. I prefer the perforated because I use these to remove dirt rather than mask. I also like that these don’t suck up too much product, saving money. And I like that I can cut these in 1/2 and gain way more pads without cutting down on my ease of use and the product’s efficiency.

Overall Score: Perforated pads: 4/5 Non-Perforated pads: 3.5/5

Would I purchase?: Yes! I like that these are as thin as 1/2 pads without ripping/tearing easily. So they make the most out of your money and your toner without completely sucking all your product out. I like that they can fold out and be big and I like that I can cut them in 1/2 the size and therefore double the amount I have without being stingey on the effectiveness of them. I would like a bit more cotton-y bounce from both of them though.


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