Video: My AM Routine! (April/May)


Hey Guys! In this video, as requested, since you all were so interested in my PM routine, I will be showing you my AM routine! There are some oldies and some newbies. I explain in what order, how and why I use products, highlighting some of the key ingredients. I hope you find it a … Continue reading Video: My AM Routine! (April/May)

Moisturisers for different needs! Video


Video Thumbnail! Hi all! I uploaded a Youtube Video showing you the different moisturisers I currently use. These moisturisers are of different types to serve my skin's needs at different times. I thought I would show them, swatch them and give my recommendations to who I think each product would be suited for. The … Continue reading Moisturisers for different needs! Video

Review: Etude House Soon Jung Hydro Barrier Cream [Older Formula]


Where to purchase: From Yesstyle LINK - use my discount code CVQFZA to get some % off your purchase! Price: ~£12 Volume: 75ml What is it?: A cream meant to soothe irritated skin with the use of Madecassoside (from Centella Asiatica) and Panthenol (B5) to moisturise the skin. This is a water-based cream aimed at … Continue reading Review: Etude House Soon Jung Hydro Barrier Cream [Older Formula]

Review: Etude House Soonjung 10-Free Emulsion

Plastic bottle Can be purchased on Yesstyle (affiliate link): HERE You can use my affiliate discount code: CVQ FZA Or you can purchase from the Etude House website: HERE Volume: 120ml Price: £9.05 (without discount) Who is it good for?: Sensitive / Oily / Acne Prone / Dry. NOTE: I think those with oily skin … Continue reading Review: Etude House Soonjung 10-Free Emulsion