Skincare Products I stopped using

Hi all! This video contains products I stopped using - now I'm not saying these are bad products - it's just that they didn't cater to my tastes. Enjoy! Products (Purchase Links): Neogen Joan Day Cream: LINK Huxley Anti Gravity Cream: LINK The Ordinary, Buffet Copper Peptide: LINK Flavanone Mud (Niod): LINK Alternatives: Glossier … Continue reading Skincare Products I stopped using


Inkey List Sneak peak! Products to come in Feb 2020!

Hi all! I attended an Inkey List event where they were showcasing their upcoming and current products. I swatched the new products for your viewing pleasure and also some of their current products. I recorded live video swatches in this Youtube Video and discuss my thoughts about the products. If you would like to see … Continue reading Inkey List Sneak peak! Products to come in Feb 2020!

My PM Skincare Routine!

Hi all! Here is a video showing my PM routine! I focus mainly on hydration and moisturisation with some anti-ageing (Excluding retinol atm) In this video, you'll see swatches of the products, my thoughts on why I use these products and what I like and don't like about them! I will upload an updated … Continue reading My PM Skincare Routine!